How It Works

First, send me the song(s) you’re thinking of getting recorded. We’ll talk about it and discuss any ideas you might have so I can record your free demo.

After I send you the demo, we’ll discuss any changes you’d like or new ideas for the song(s). I’ll record a new demo with these ideas and send it back to you.

Once you’re happy, I’ll go to the main studio and record the tracks.

I’ll send an MP3 rip of the main track for you to review. I’ll make all the necessary adjustements.

You’ll get:

  1. Final stereo mix of the drum track.
  2. Individual files (11 channels).
  3. Cubase project (if you want).

You pay once you’re happy with the final product, before receiving the download link for the files.

By the way, there’s no need to request a drum track to get to know me. If you just want to talk, feel absolutely free to drop me a line, call or add me to Skype.